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mystic medicine with kat beck


I see you on your healing journey of self-love + soul liberation. You're a  leader in this collective revolution of reconnection; remembering the power we hold from our cells to the cosmos. This is where wild women come to wake up the multidimensional wisdom within.

MYSTIC MEDICINE merges intuitive somatics + quantum energy work for a profound experience of divine embodiment. 

We work multidimensionally, from the
fascia to the quantum field; unraveling restrictive somatic patterns + subconscious programming to reveal your truth. 

reconnect the lightBODY's true blueprint + organic tree of life, clear karmic imprints, balance the elemental energy, activate solar coding + initiate divine DNA upgrades.



MYSTIC MEDICINE SCHOOL is where you come when you want to expand your gifts + dive into your mission as a highly sensitive, spiritually attuned genius.

Join the virtual studio, EMBODIED MYSTICS for regular zoom classes + rituals  to reconnect with your
feminine frequency.

In 1:1 SESSIONS, I intuitively read your energy, channel guidance +  release the barriers blocking the body's quantum intelligence, allowing healing to happen organically, because your body is brilliant. 

Let me take you to dance church with our signature workshop, MOVEMENT MEDICINE liberates your soul, sensuality + self-expression.

How good would it feel to melt the tension + stress locking in your sensuality + next level creativity?

Envision releasing the resistance to speak up, share your unique perspectives  + express your energy fearlessly.

What would it feel like to break free from the toxic thought patterns you’ve carried from childhood + make peace with all parts of yourself?

Imagine dropping the doubt that’s blocking you from trusting your body’s brilliance + watch your intuitive intelligence expand.

I've had the honor
of watching hundreds of badass beings break free from the chains of their past, programming + pain and step into their presence, power + potential.  


"Your 1:1 session opened so much for me. I've taken the last few days to process your reading and my visions during the energy cleansing.. It's tough for me to put into words how powerful this was for me and how grateful I am to you. You helped me see my hangups in a whole new way that makes it all easier to manage to move forward and go after my dreams." 



I spent decades battling my body. ​​I was a control freak fed by other's approval. ​​My body constantly ached + my mind kept me spiraling in anxiety. I developed numerous autoimmune disorders. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.  ​​It felt like my soul was suffocating.

But I found my way back home through a decade of energy healing, bodywork, somatics, dance + yoga. I reconnected to God Source Energy + found an endless well of creativity.


My intuitive gifts + authentic self-expression emerged. I designed a lifestyle to support the type of mother, wife, friend + business owner I want to be so that I can show up +  share these tools to free the collective + create heaven on earth for ALL.

The MYSTIC MEDICINE METHOD I offer + teach comes from the embodied knowledge of a decade of training + education, experience working with hundreds of people, my own healing journey + intuitive transmissions of quantum technology.

Tap here to read my story + how I got into this work on Canvas Rebel.

xo, kat beck

Book a REMOTE/LOCAL 1:1 SESSION for  an embodiment experience with intuitive somatics + quantum energy work

Free your mind + find your flow with virtual MOVEMENT MEDICINE circles as a member of EMBODIED MYSTICS

Local classes, in the upstate of SC, are held monthly at Zen Rabbit Yoga .


Licensed Massage Therapist + Bodyworker SC 11560
500 RYT at Fish Tree Yoga with Jan Adkins
Yin Yoga Teacher Training level 1 + 2 with Joshua Summers
Trauma Informed Yoga with Courtney Chandler
Self-Study Guide Certified with Break Method
Tuning Fork Therapy + Intuitive Healing with R + R Training Academy
Myofascial Release, Psychology of the Body
+ Fascia: The Endless Web  certified

kat beck yoga teacher
kat beck movement medicine
kat beck 500 ryt
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