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with the multidimensional healing arts

liberating the force of nature you were born to be

I'm kat beck. mystic mentor, embodiment artist + intuitive guide.

This is where mystics come to embrace your body + catalyze your soul's mission.

Shed the shame that religion + societal standards trapped you in +
awaken the embodied mystic within.

Dissolve the need for others
approval + accept yourself so you show up fully + express your energy without hesitation.

Melt the tension, stress + anxiety locking in your innate sensuality + feel safe to slow the f down +
savor being in your body.

Release the resistance to speak up + share your unique perspectives fearlessly.

Break free from the toxic thought patterns you’ve carried from others + make peace with all parts of yourself.

Drop the doubt that’s blocking you from trusting your body’s brilliance + watch your intuitive intelligence expand. 

MYSTIC MEDICINE gets you out of your head, so all the spiritual experiences, mindset work + therapy you've done can be integrated + embodied.



Begin the journey of dissolving disconnection with the self-paced home healing experience, EMBRACE YOUR BODY.

Book a REMOTE/LOCAL 1:1 SESSION where we merge energy medicine, somatic therapies, quantum healing + intuitive bodywork for a deep dive into embodiment.

Free your mind + find your flow with virtual MOVEMENT MEDICINE circles as a member of EMBODIED MYSTICS.

Local classes, in the upstate of SC, are at Zen Rabbit Yoga every third Thursday evening.

"Your 1:1 session opened so much for me. I've taken the last few days to process your reading and my visions during the energy cleansing.. It's tough for me to put into words how powerful this was for me and how grateful I am to you. You helped me see my hangups in a whole new way that makes it all easier to manage to move forward and go after my dreams." 

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is the transformative method that brings you home to your body.

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