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kat beck

liberating minds + the medicine of your brilliant body


Mystics are the deep feelers, curious intuitives, highly sensitives, cycle breakers + creative souls. The days of people-pleasing + playing small have been fading away as you step into your power.

You have a deep desire to shake shit up + create a new way of BEING. You're calling in connection, sensuality, play, self-expression, resiliency, confidence, peace + community to do it all with.


I'm kat beck, mystic mentor, energy + embodiment artist, 500 RYT + licensed massage therapist (SC 11560). 

I give you permission to freely express whatever is suffocating your soul, guiding you to somatically get to the root of subconscious patterns that have kept you stuck. I help you look in the mirror + see a whole person instead of flaws to be fixed.

I see your creative genius + nurture your soul medicine. I teach you to commune with the elements to read energetic patterns + chat with your cells to enhance your intuition. I show you how to work across time + space, using lightcodes to restore our divine design.

I guide you to lead a liberated life where you give zero f*cks about what others think. There's a reason you've never "fit in." You incarnated to break restrictive patterns that have been passed down for generations + set the collective free.

"Your 1:1 session opened so much for me. I've taken the last few days to process your reading and my visions during the energy cleansing.. It's tough for me to put into words how powerful this was for me and how grateful I am to you. You helped me see my hangups in a whole new way that makes it all easier to manage to move forward and go after my dreams." 

Join me for MOVEMENT MEDICINE, the transformative method that brings you home to your body. Virtual workshops each month in EMBODIED MYSTICS and around the upstate of South Carolina.

I grew up with anxiety, chronic pain, a rare autoimmune disorder, and PTSD. I felt completely disconnected from my body for most of my life. When I was sexually assaulted at 25, dormant childhood trauma activated and I shut down. I found the healing arts because it is what transformed my relationship with my body and opened my intuitive gifts. 

The puzzle pieces of my life started to click and I came home to my body when I began working with energy healers and doing somatic practices. I was intrigued and felt a deep resonance when I began learning about the healing arts from all over the earth. It didn’t feel like I was learning, it felt like I was remembering something I’ve done for lifetimes. I have now acquired 12 years of study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy work, quantum healing, sound therapy, somatics, yoga, dance, and breath work. Recently I have been nerding out on bioenergetics, German Healing Knowledge and  Gene Keys. 

MYSTIC MEDICINE weaves the physical body, subconscious mind and energy field to holistically heal and expand our experience of being in our bodies.

We aren't just here to heal. We are here to explore, expand + enjoy our lives. I help you break the patterns new age spiritualism has you looping in to liberate your soul.

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