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UNPLUG THE PROGRAM: Rewire your brain to be the badass you were born to be. Let go of perfectionist + people-pleasing, awaken your intuition, and reclaim your inner calm + confidence with this workbook: including over 100 deep journal prompts to dig into what made you believe you needed to be perfect to be loved, inner child work, finding forgiveness, breaking the control cycle, multiple practices for presence, and rewiring your brain.


The workbook includes TWO EXCLUSIVE guided meditations: UNPLUG THE PROGRAM + INNER CHILD CONNECTION. These are powerful visualizations to reprogram yourself to remember your true self and feel your real worth. 


There are 21 sections within the workbook; it takes 21 days to integrate a new habit. Complete the workbook as you'd like- but for some serious game changing, you can do it over 21 days, one section at a time, while listening to the UNPLUG THE PROGRAM guided meditation daily to see a true transformation.  Another suggested way to use this workbook is to answer 1-2 prompts a day over a couple of months. This allows you to really immerse yourself in your subconsciousand integrate the revelations you receive.


If you feel like you are silently suffering and your soul is suffocating, this is the work you are ready for. Are you ready to commit to change? Are you ready to invest yourself?


Step into your most badass self, let go of the need to please others, and stop ignoring your inner voice. You can UNPLUG THE PROGRAM + heal your inner child today!

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