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client love + experiences

"Working with Kat was like stepping into a portal. I feel like a completely different purpose since working with her (in a good way). I can't go back to my old way of living, and I would never want to. My intuitive gifts really came online and Kat helped me work with my physical embodiment practices to stay grounded as my conciousness level was expanding. It felt like moving beyond dimensions, where space and time didn't exist. It was such a great adventure, and I've since integrated these feelings after working with Kat so that I feel more grounded in this new way of being and living. And it feels SO empowering to live and operate in this new truth! During each session Kat also took the time to coach me on what was currently going on in my life as I integrated each week - having that conscious discussion was so helpful for me. She mentored me through some growing pains and challenges with my corporate job and stepping into my more authentic self."


"Each circle creates the support I long for and pushes me a bit further. I am so incredibly thankful for Kat and her gifts.”



“Embodied Mystics has helped me move out of my head and into my body while being held and grounded in sisterhood. Movement Medicine is so much FUN as well as soul soothing, I love learning somatic practices that I can integrate into my daily routines.”



“Being a part of Embodied Mystics has been a permission slip to take the necessary time to be still and also to move, to get weird unapologetically, and to truly listen to what my body needs.”


"My confidence has blossomed and strengthened. I used to feel very insecure in who I was because the things that interest me were labeled negatively. But now I don't worry about what other people think of my interests, because I recognize myself and see the value in following and sharing my interests. I feel confident in owning who I am, and the things that used to scare me about being seen are no longer there. I have moved past so many fears since working with Kat."


“I have learned how to protect myself energetically and how to observe rather than absorb others emotions and energies.”


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