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the church your soul craves


facilitated by Kat Beck of MYSTIC MEDICINE + Allie Monday of LADYGROOVE

join us for an immersive EMBODIMENT EXPERIENCE

Saturday June 3 from 1-5pm at TR Yoga in the upstate of SC

we believe the body is holy + community heals. 

we dance as a prayer to dissolve shame + disconnection


our communion is cuddling + sipping cacao

we get creative to express our soul's energy


we reconnect to each other to remember our worth

our day together includes:


cacao ceremony

soul stream writing


body blessings by allie

embodied energy work with kat

partner holding + eye gazing

a sacred stage for artistic expression

This is a unique experience that will transform your relationship with yourself and your community. We are rebuilding the village and reclaiming sisterhood.


check out this incredible experience:

"For me, Body Poetry felt like a homecoming. Prior to Body Poetry, I had never been physically held, heard, or seen by a group of women. Much less by a group of women I did not know. While I was nervous walking in, the nervousness was a knowing that I was on my way to receiving the medicine my mind, body, and spirit all needed. To sum my experience up in one word I would say nourishing. It was nourishing to be held in the arms of a sister, it was nourishing to dance in a room full of community, and it was nourishing to scream and cry without fear of judgment or shame. It was nourishing to sit in circle, and it was nourishing to ground myself in my intentions for 2023. I experienced a release while dancing intuitively and my body felt at ease where it most commonly feels stiff as a fuckin' brick. After dancing, I felt a sense of "okayness" that replaced constant worry and ruminations of what if. " - KASEY


"When walking away from Body Poetry I felt lovingly reassured that there is not a thing left to change, fix, or heal. I am okay, right here right now, in this moment, all is well."


" I have never felt that comfortable in a group setting as I did in BODY POETRY. I felt completely calm, at peace + in possession of a great sense of inner stregnth."
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