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We’ve been faced with programming to shrink our bodies that ended up only shrinking our sense of self. We’ve been told to mold ourselves for the male gaze, reinforcing that our body is not ours to enjoy. It's no wonder we have battled our bodies instead of embracing them. 
Shamed for being sexual beings, we disconnected from our innocent, sensual nature.  Compiled with the amount of sexual perversion we’ve faced, no wonder we've struggled with sexual intimacy.
We grew up with religion preaching that God is outside of us. We felt something was off, so we went in search for the answers outside of ourselves. As natural seekers of wisdom, we stumbled into New Age Spirituality, hopeful for a path, only to find more distortions + distractions.


EMBODIED MYSTICS find the divine within their brilliant bodies. You don't need complex rituals or a priest to access God. You simply have to reconnect with your body to liberate your soul. 

The work we do gets you out of your head + into your body. We merge energetic + somatic methods, so all the mindset work + therapy you've done can actually be embodied.


Our issues are in our tissues, which reflect in our reality through the mind. We work through rewiring our mind by getting real about the root + taking radical responsibility about why these patterns persist.

Unresolved e-motions, energy in motion, imprint upon our body, creating patterns in our connective tissues that communicate with the nervous system + shape the way we perceive our reality. Dense energy, frozen light, distorts the organic coding + information of our (light)body, the fascial system + auric field. 


MYSTIC MEDICINE methods rewrite your story somatically, restore the organic blueprint of your (LIGHT)BODY + reconnect you with your soul.

This work helps you exit healing loops + build the frequency of presence, freedom, authentic expression and confidence. We do this work for our communities and our children's future.


We are the revolution of RECONNECTION and we are learning the art of being in our (LIGHT)BODY. 

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